Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Building Blocks of Love

I was over at Pink Wire and her most recent blog sparked a little somethin' - somethin'.

Guy meets girl, or, girl meets guy. There's obviously a physical attraction but most sensible people start to consider what type of person they're dealing with. Rather than laying down, entering and releasing we should talk and feel people out. This would be the courting phase. (dating, talking, chilling, kicking it - whatever you call it)

Go to the arcade, parks, bowling, play twister, uno, take a trip to the zoo. Have an interview with the person, figure out where their head is. Dating should be fun, never too serious and if your going on several dates he/she must be fond of you. Don't rush, don't fall. Allow yourself to experience new things, it keeps things interesting

Relationships become options and often the topic of discussion between the couple and often times, their friends. Don't feel pressured. Do it in your own time. (Another issue I've had in the past) I was always taught to cherish being courted because the sweet dates and door holding start to diminish and you start spending your Friday nights in the house. Titles are bull- it doesn't make him or her anymore yours than the next person. If anything, the titles runs your significant other off. People start to deviate from the plan and true colors start to present themselves. Tisk, tisk.

FINAL POINT - You probably won't get past a first date if you give yourself so soon. What's left to chase if you've already gotten the goodies?

Ladies, Gentlemen, Smuts & Whoremongers...if you all cannot follow these steps you will be shipped to the whore conquest I have created in Iran. Just kiddin' ;-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

well, hello mister turtle.

In my opinion, a turtle is the smartest and most unique creation. he protects himself with himself, a splendid defense mechanism.

Hiding; within my shell.
Scared to take a chance, far from brave.

Lately, they've all been telling me, "it's okay to take a chance.." - "don't stand in the way of your own happiness" - "be free.." Well, I've done that before and it took me about four months to stop crying myself to sleep and almost a year to get over him. Mending a broken heart is left up to its owner, so it's easy for people to say, "take a chance". I'm debating on sticking my head out, love is a risk. Don't get it twisted, I'm not out for that, but fondness is a gateway to love and, I honestly don't know if that's where I want to be.

I vowed to never again be that love-drunk-starry eyed- chump.

Could that vow cause me something nice?

Erykah Badu says, "think twice before we start something nice"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm significantly late, because I've been jamming to her for about a month now, but I usually keep my favorites to myself --yes, quite selfish.





Sunday, July 6, 2008

"hi haters?"

Okay, this has been heavy on my heart for a substantial amount of time now...

I see people have become accustomed to reiterating some rap song where the chorus repeats..."you see me, hi haters". I guess that's cool, but the people that repeat the chorus to this song, in my opinion, don't have haters.

What constitutes a hater?
What should you possess to be worthy of haters?

Where I'm from, most males either go to unaccredited colleges/universities, stay home and sell drugs or go to the gogo and take tons of pictures, hundreds of dollars worth to be exact.

You are NOT qualified to have haters my friends. Get a degree, your own spot, your own goals and start striving to achieve them before you dare part your lips to say someone is hating.