Tuesday, April 29, 2008

School Daze

After I came back from BOMBING my Econ final I heard Miss Alicia Keys had a new video.
So, of course I peeped it and immediately fell in love. Clearly the inspiration for the video was Spike Lee's School Daze and being a Howard University student, I LOVE the thought of it.

School Daze is loosely based on Howard University. (Not to toot our own horn or anything) From the political activism on the steps of Douglass hall to the good and bad hair complex. It's a timeless movie and one of the many reasons I love Howard! Go Bison!!

On to better news;

  • I have a house! No more dorms and loud intercom interruptions!
  • HE wants to marry me and I'm beginning to think this is more than just a joke. It's like a constant upbringing of marriage and children. I guess I'm not as ready for love as I thought. =/

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Looking back..

Sometimes my friends and I sit down and have soul sessions. A question was posed, what was your greatest lost since you first came to school.

Honestly, leaving the security blanket we call "home" and that building that some what shaped me into the person I continue to grow into (high school) was the best move ever. Moving into my dorm freshmen year and meeting all the people I met molded me. I've grown so much and all that I've endured has manifested itself in the young woman I have become today. Each day I grow and learn more about myself, more about life and the journey I chose to partake to peace. Life is beautiful, for lack of a better description. Beauty always comes with vices and life definitely has those. I've certainly learned to love the good and the bad, because it is what defines the struggle, it is what defines the glory.

I used to want to be like people, but I'm so blessed that I am who I am. I don't know what others have endured to become who they are today and they don't know my trials. We are all different, even family, though we come from the same place we are going in different directions and I've learned I can do nothing but respect that. Perhaps, I am officially a woman. Officially aware of God's doings, my beauty, my gifts and my curses.

Looking back, I am exactly who I aspired to be.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life for you has just begun..

I watched nine months of belly, and 15 minutes of pushing. Out came a beautiful child. A beautiful being that deserved a chance. Watching a woman give birth is concrete enough to no longer believe that abortions are the answer the "mistakes", I see now that a child is not a mistake it is God's greatest gift to life. Better than the trees, better than the grass, better than the birds. It's a brand new life; pure and happy. You carried a child, you now hold that child and I can only image how much you want to protect them. The perils that will come, you hope to shield them from such, well, for as long as you can. Perhaps, a mother knows their infant will fall down, stumble and get back up but in that moment, she'd like to play super-mom. Life has just begun and all that they'll aspire to be will be in arms reach. It's a beautiful gift. 2008 is a year filled with the beautiful gift of life and for me, they are all my inspiration. Motivation if you will; to do better, to be better and to achieve better.

Life is a beautiful thing.

For: Khmari Antione Bing & Kory Allen Sims

Monday, April 14, 2008

the knight.

He stands so tall and firm in his beliefs,
he abides by his principles, and this May of 2008, he would have accomplished he primary objective.

He's a noble man who finally grasped the concept, "you don't have to lie to me"..

And he doesn't. All that he says he is, does and did. True. He never gave me reason to believe he was anything other than a great man. He's my knight in shining armor. Oh, but literally.

He is a man, all that he set out for, he has obtained. A true fighter, like my daddy and maybe that's why I'm so inclined to him.

California. Oakland to be exact.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

liberate your mind, then you go on home..

I took it back on that ass;

Artist: Outkast
Album: Aquemini
Single: Liberation

- I had recently stumbled upon it some weeks ago when I was at home peeping my old cds and I fell back in love. Mainly because I'm older and I've learned a lot about life, true music and peace.

But, back to the title, 'liberate your mind then you go on home'...it's so real and yet so beautiful. I'm trying to obtain just that. Freeing my mind of mental slavery, confusion and lies...then I'll die and meet the most high.

.....sounds good to me!

Monday, April 7, 2008

just not enough

4am- thoughts continuously roam my mind. I'll probably never be enough.

Well, that is if they paid me a dime for my thoughts and even then, i'd be worth very little.

Face it; smart just won't cut it.

invisible woman, parallel to the invisible man ralph ellison so eloquently wrote of. running from a past, afraid of a futuer, but the man did what he knew he had to. no fears of his outer- elements. she, too afraid to go beyond herself.

Now. She's crying out for some clarity, some stability. Invisible she; can never be who they are and maybe that defeats her. not being them.

...maybe its this blurred early morning vision.


Curl up in a ball and die, but, like the phoenix I hope to rise again.

Alone, when its all said and done those words of advice are for self-fullfilment, they wipe a tear and rub your back but that's their own confirmation. no one truly cares, for if they did no call would go unanswered, or unreturned. life itself is paradoxal, I cannot phatom.

leave me be. I'll be okay, or, I'll pretend I am anyway. Please - just, leave me to my thoughts.
Can you see?

Hey, its 4am.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

the return..

I had to delete my last blogspot, for business reasons....but, I'm bacccckk!!

I had this reoccurring thought so I figured I should regurgitate my thoughts..

"good is greats enemy."

A persons greatness shouldn't be measured by their activities, their strengths or their resume. Greatness should be measured by what your bound to do, by what your motivated to accomplish and by what you possess.

I saw something today. A few things really. I'm able to do all and be all but I'm way too shy. Does that make me the opposite of great? i think NOT. The masses, or the minorities (depends on how you look at it) can keep pushing and i'll keep praying. Praying for strength to manifest my GREATNESS.