Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm a little late with completely listening to the Estelle, "Shine" album but I'm done and the track, 'no substitute love' is off the hook and it speaks to me and my current situations.

Amen, over & out.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I lay on my couch, in reverse. My head on the ottoman where ones feet belong my feet up against the wall. Listening to songs that make me happy.


Sometimes we tend to look in all the wrong places for happiness. Men, Women, even material possessions. Though I've tried, I truly find it in myself, in my own space, in my own time.


Its a beautiful place to be, the sad thing is that we often occupy "happiness" for short periods of time. Never going back for more and not because we choose such. But, because, we don't know that happiness is never further than yourself.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Can your heart be in two places at once?

People used to say, "as your grow older your perception of love evolves."

Very true. I learned that the heart never really stops loving if it was truly in love to begin with. I often question the genuineness of love. I know the difference between the loves I feel for each of the people I am writing about but I don't understand if it is at all right. 

Can you love three people at the same time? Of course, the levels of love don't compare...I want to know, can you?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

who really has your back?

When people answer that question...they'll say one of two things:

1. Your family.

2. Your close friends.

Much to his, hers and my dismay....that's the furthest from true.

Family just means you come from the same place but are inevitably branching off, much like a tree. They'll cut you deep, lie on and to you and when you make "it" they'll claim you owe them things and suck away your funds. They are energy vampires. Now, they definitely don't have your back!

Friends should be the last people you depend on and if you do, don't be silly enough to call them your family, because in the aforementioned description of family....they let you down the most.

I'm realizing all I have is me. When I think of a best-friend the greatest is my mother because no matter how upset I make her, she never judges, never lies and never sells me out.

You can't trust anyone or anything but yourself and your own ability to fend for yourself.

I have my back. I hold me down and it took me 20 years and 8 days to see it.