Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life, as a story book

I created a book that was eloquently written, on accident. Or, was it created purposefully? That's besides the point.

You co-wrote. So, we wrote the beginning of a piece of art that, regretfully, ends at its beautiful beginning. A chapter long.

We shouldve never wrote the love letter, for it ended with a period...or the lack thereof.

We gracefully, not carefully, consrtructed this story. As the letters formed words, words became phrases and amidst a particular sentence, it was left unsaid. We'll never know if the book turns out "happily ever after"...

Ironic enough, I don't know if any book ever truly ends that way. Some could say stories never stop, the pages just run out. But I'm sure we can conventionally end ours with "The End."