Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Real Men and the Self-Professed.

How many times have you stumbled across a male that claims to be "the realest (insert "n" word) you'll ever meet"?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure we all have. He's the one with "death before dishonor" or something like it inscripted around his chest, arm or back. A real man doesn't have to say he's real, a real man also doesn't have to stamp it on his body because it emanates from his actions.

Like it or not, you don't know too many real men. Your dad may not even carry that title. As a young girl I was born thanks to two real men. Kado Wilks, Sr. (my grandfather) and Isaac Harris (my great-grandfather) - may their souls rest in eternal peace. My grandfather could not stand gossip, but if he heard it he'd tell you - to your face - what he heard and what he thought of it. If your clothes were wrinkled or you had a booger lining your nostrils, he'd tell you. My great-grandfather was the opposite. In all his years he never spoke negatively about another human-being. If Pop thought you were a liar, he simple tuned you out. If Pop thought you were trouble, he never invited you back into his home; and that was all there was to him. Real mean respect women, provide for their families and stay loyal to their friends. Period.

Respecting women is one thing, respecting black women is an entirely different subject. Black women, on a minimal scale; birthed the nation. On a grandiose scale; they birthed nature. If you cannot respect a black woman (who respects herself, because we all know some don't) then you cannot respect yourself, or any other being for that matter. You are not a loyal man if you find yourself engaging in lust with your friend's partner. A real man doesn't just look out for himself, he should and will get himself in the door and then proceed to hold it open for the next person.

A lot of the deceivers carry female tendencies. This being envy, jealously, tittle-tattle and the inability to confront someone with issues that plague them.

I've absolutely had enough of you impostors, you've gone the extra mile to prove you're a real man but, in fact, your extra running about has exhibited how basic you really are.

It is okay young man, all men will not and cannot be real. That's what makes life so interesting.

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Whitney Henry said...

I had to laugh out loud at 'death before dishoner' on the chest tho! hahaaa..sooo true! I have heard "I'm the realest dude you'll ever meet..." sooo why didnt it work out again? oh you were lying, cheatin, decieving...riiiight, thats real now! HMPH!